Missourians for Monarchs is a collaborative of citizens, conservation and agricultural organizations, government agencies, utilities and agribusinesses committed to monarch, and more generally, pollinator conservation. The organization formed in 2015 as statewide initiative to address pollinator preservation, and in August of 2016, collaborative partners signed a memorandum of understanding committed to creating and maintaining 19,000 acres of pollinator habitat annually for the next 20 years.

Missouri’s strategy for monarch butterfly conservation focuses on expanding and creating milkweed and nectar plant habitat necessary to support robust breeding and successful migration throughout the state. The Missouri Monarch and Pollinator Conservation Plan combines the efforts of multiple entities through awareness, education, volunteerism and non-regulatory, voluntary action.

Missourians for Monarchs represents various fields and brings them together to advocate for pollinator conservation. In 2016, the collaborative finalized a state conservation plan, making Missouri the first state in the nation to do so.


Our collaborative mission is to engage Missourians to increase and sustain habitat for monarch butterflies and pollinators through citizen involvement, and to seek ways for partners, communities and agencies to coordinate similar efforts.

Our collaborative vision is that Missourians will learn to appreciate the importance and value of monarch butterflies and pollinators, and will work to conserve healthy habitats that support robust populations of these species statewide.


Missourians for Monarchs seeks to accomplish four main goals:

  1. Prioritize monarch and pollinator habitat areas to include state lands, large private acreages and corridors that connect fragmented habitats.
  2.  Increase the general public’s understanding of the plight of pollinators, the value of ecosystem services that pollinators provide to human well-being, and how citizens can participate in sustaining and increasing monarch and pollinator populations.
  3. Improve availability of seeds and plants, coordinate habitat site identification, provide consistent messaging, and change the “aesthetic eye” of the average citizen toward native habitat for monarch butterflies and pollinators.
  4. Increase pollinator habitat in Missouri by 385,000 acres (19,000 acres per year) of additional pollinator habitat with 200 milkweed stems per acre over the next 20 years. This objective is in concert with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s 20-year national plan to develop 7 million acres of habitat with 1.25-1.5 billion milkweed stems.