Phytoremediation with Native Plants with Eric Fuselier

January 20, 2021

Discuss how to use native woody and herbaceous plants to improve soil, air, and water quality, and remove environmental contaminants from soil, air, and water.

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Evaluation of Canopy Structure: Light and Wind in California’s Monarch Groves from Below and Above

January 26, 2021

Dr. Stu Weiss will present his methods for assessing overwintering habitats, using hemispherical photography and LiDAR to quantify wind and sun exposure within forest canopies.

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Designing with Native Plants with Ronda Burnett

January 27, 2021

Cover the basics of selecting native plants and planning a landscape design for your next project.

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Native Alternatives with James Faupel

February 10, 2021

Native Alternatives for Invasive Trees & Shrubs, and for Traditional Non-Native Herbaceous Plants

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Pollinators 101: Ecology, Habitat & Conservation

February 11, 2021

Learn the basics about pollinators, their habitat and how you can be a part of their conservation!

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Lift Every Voice!

February 16, 2021

Join author, historian, and horticulturist Abra Lee for a celebration of the extraordinary achievements of both well-known and ordinary African-American trailblazers and visionaries who have been at the heart of American horticulture, including several notable figures with Midwestern ties.

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Native Predatory Wasps with Heather Holm

February 17, 2021

Their Role as Beneficial Insects and Incidental Pollinators of Native Plants

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The Beauty and Resilience of Prairie

February 23, 2021

This photo-heavy presentation will delve into the diversity of prairies, especially within plants and invertebrates, sharing incredible stories about species and their interactions with each other.

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Monarchs, Milkweed and Grassland Disturbance

March 23, 2021

Presentation discussing benefits of cutting back common milkweed during the growing season.

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Reflections on Urban Native Gardening with Cody Hayo

March 31, 2021

Practical Advice for Homeowners as well as Beginning Professionals

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